SKST Mastery

The First ever SKST Mastery program was just one of the best experiences for me in the recent times as we launched the program for the first time ever in UAE. It was with a deliberation of over a year that we launched the program. Lots of research and work has gone into the creation of this wonderful program. I am just penning my entire experience of the 2 days in here.

As we started the program with the Coaches, we were all excited but little did we know that we are waiting for something amazing to happen. At 8 as the kids walked in we saw that they were all super enthusiastic. Very unlike of the Superbkids and Superbteens program the simple reason being that these kids are all graduates of SK/ST program. So it made it easier for them. It was a mix group of children starting from age 10 and all the way upto 17. Great mix of all ages with both boys and girls in the various groups.

As always I prefer, I started the program. For those who don’t know, me and Vidya (Vidyashankar) are sharing the stage for training children after nearly 5 years. Right from the word go, the kids and the Coaches (the pre-requisite for being a coach is to have completed the Influence and Mastery program of OnlySuccess), were on their toes. It was just a mind blowing energy that we saw in the kids. As everyone got to know each other with various activities, we went on to a very important concept that is usually taught for adults, called ‘Reframing’. This is where I realised that kids are far more capable, mature and brilliant than what we think they are. They were responding with so much confidence really stunned me.

And then comes the real highlight of the program. Values or as we described to children as Priorities in Life. When a choice to choose from what is important was given amongst many, it was stunning to see that kids actually chose Family as the most important with achievement, success etc following. Not even one choose Friends, Freedom, Money, Fun etc. Was just blown away and this just proved how little do Parents know about children. While I meet many parents the most common thing I hear is that kids always want to have fun, are not serious about what we say etc. etc. This just proved that it was wrong and kids actually are more responsible.

Day 1 was extended with a strategy game for children when they learnt about SWOT, thats Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Great job again by the kids.

In spite of finishing up late the children were all ready for the next day as early as 8 am. Mindblowing to see them raring to go with so much of intensity and passion for learning. Kids again started with a simple activity of untangling themselves and they were so easily doing it. Sometimes I just feel that as adults we tend to complicate life when it is actually simple and easy. isn’t it so?

The Eye of the Tiger Experience an intense outdoor exercise for children made them come up with great breakthroughs in life. The kind of Focus that they had when they were doing the exercise was so immense I really wonder why do parents say that they lack the Focus. haha.. Sorry Parents :) Great experience..

Can children even understand what Limiting Beliefs are? Not just understand but explain how it happens. How quickly they understood and also how over a period of time, the beliefs become strong that a boy said ‘the Neuro Connections become stronger’. Vidya on stage was taken aback when the kid said that.

And as we approached the closing the letter from the children to the parents of how things will be 20 years later was touching. Crystal clear in their thoughts and their writing. Great understanding on various achievement they want in the areas of Relationship with Parents, Study, Career, Life Style, Extra Curricular etc.

The Mastery Graduation

We had put in so much efforts to make the Graduation one of the most memorable ones for the everyone. Parents and the Children especially. The children welcomed their parents for a change with cheers and laughter and as they were sitting together and catching a glimpse of the pictures of the 2 days. I was personally waiting for the few moments of the Blue Ribbon ceremony as we called it.

With excitement children were tutors for their parents teaching them 3 important success principles of Relationship and Communication. The impact for the parents was amazing and the parents really felt that they need to follow the same.

And then the most exciting moment. The Leadership Red Scarf. This ceremony made all that Coaches very proud of their team mates as they truly deserved to be crowned the Leaders of Tomorrow. The Red Scarf signified that moment. The most beautiful moment when in front of the parents the children were given the scarf.

All the children were so excited about sharing their experiences of the SK Mastery program and when it was time for certification, the entire event was complete. Camera’s flashing, children smiling, parents beaming in job the Blue Ribbon Ceremony was the best. Thanks to the team OnlySuccess they made it so amazing.

Who I am Makes a Difference – The blue ribbon ceremony as we call it was the most touching one when the parents and children said to each other why they make a difference in their life. The tears of joy, the feelings of closeness were so intense that I am sure that parents and children will not forget that moment for a long long time to come.

As the children left the hall, we felt a vacuum inside each of us that they were leaving and why can’t this day continue. And at the same time we were very happy, satisfied and glad that they will lead a great life ahead of them with excitement, joy and achievements.

Hats off to the Coaches for their efforts, physically they put their best with 100% commitment and without them nothing can happens.

Why Winners keep Winning

1.   Positive – Winners are quite positive about opportunities and that they know that things will work in their favor. A positive thinking always makes you feel good through the day and hence more action.

2.   Learning – Winners always feel the urge to learn from everyone from every opportunity that they get. They are open to learning and hence grow continuously.

3.   No Distractions – Eye of the Tiger, eye of the tiger… Just stay focused and they are least carried away by smaller things of life.

4.   Best People around them – Winner don’t have people who are negative around them. They prefer to have the best people with them so that they can stay motivated at all times.

5.   Determination and Consistency – Might be cliché but that’s the fact. They are determined to success, more than anyone who is an average achiever. Consistency is the key!

6.   Heads up – Winners are heads up and figure out things much before. They anticipate things that may happen and hence they act right.

Winning is an art and hence the same is to be practiced. Being consistent with the above 6 would help you to achieve your success over and over again. You have been successful in the past, you need to maintain it to elevate your life.  

What is Balance of Life

In my past experience many people have come up to me and asked me how to Balance life and because of not being able to balance life they feel that they are going through stress. Life is a quite busy these days for most people with lot of focus on work and making their daily bread or may be wanting more money to lead a little more luxurious life. A few areas of life are neglected which may take a toll on the body and the mind in later stages. But then it is important to understand what Balance of Life is.

Is Balance of Life Spending equal time for everything?

Many people misunderstand that being balanced means spending equal amount of time in every areas of life especially between work and family. This is a myth and totally not true. Have you come across many people who even are ready to leave their family and go and work just to ensure that they are able to earn a little more money which give a better life style for the family. Well is this balance of life? 100% yes, this is balance of life for that person and it does work for him/her and making sure that he is not feeling guilty because what is also important for this is individual is being able to provide the best to his family and that they are able to afford it as well.

Remember the 6 areas of life that are important and needs focus are

1. Career 2. Family 3. Health 4. Money 5. Self Development and 6. Social

Imagine this you spend a lot of time with family but then you don’t have enough money to lead a life that people in your house are willing to have then is that balance of life? Because later they would also blame you not being your best and giving them a good life. Have you seen this happening? Or say you have good career growth and your health is deteriorating then what is the point? It is because you have not given importance to health. And that cannot be a reason for you to sustain your growth in life. Or say you focus on your Family and Career and then not spending quality time for yourself then what happens? You will only falter later point of time in your life because you have not developed your own skills.

Imagine a Car being driven, now lets take the important parts of the car, the Engine, the Battery, the Wheels, the Fuel, the Gear. Now which is most important? Well all are important but then do you need to balance all of them in equality? Need not be and its never gonna be possible also. You don’t have your fuel tank full all the time and when i just goes down you need to fill it up. The wheels are not in immaculate perfect condition all the time but then it surely does not affect your drive. Which is most important of these parts? Well everything but in different dimensions and different levels. Your life is also similar. You just need to understand the know your priorities perfectly.

If you are not focussing not the right things then you will surely feel guilty later because you will feel bad about the foolish decision and actions that you took. So you need to spend sometime to self retrospect and start leading a right balanced life.

How do you Balance your Life

1. Set your Goal – Understand what do you want and what is important for you
2. Know your priorities well – Make sure you are not compromising on the 6 areas and ensure that one does not affect the other. It could be family affecting career, or money affecting family and so on.
3. Manage yourself well – Its not about managing time, its about managing yourself and your time well

Live a balanced life in these 6 areas making sure that they only propel you upwards and not pull you downwards. And when you life is balance the kind of happiness and satisfaction that you will achieve in the long run will be much higher.

Finding Happiness without Buying it

Living in a materialistic world has led us to find happiness. Well this may not be totally true. Many people assume and say that today we have lost that connection with people, the love with others and the joy of sharing and caring. Well this may not be true.

I would suggest and say that there is lot of it or atleast believe that there is lots of it. People today connect more with others, there is lot more love, sharing and caring in this world.

And sometimes with these things around also people want to satisfy themselves and be happy by buying it rather than feeling and living it. These are the reasons why i say that you can find happiness without buying it.

Happiness is just a State of Mind: Remember happiness is just a STATE of MIND. Imagine you are feeling dull or not at your best and then you see a long lost friend then what would happen? You step into a state of happiness and start recalling many happy things that happened in the past with the friend. Or say you are sad and then you see a darling little child, you start playing with it, how do feel?

If you don’t have money?: Everyone in the world does not have enough money to buy materialistic things that make them happy. So does that mean that the poor ones are not happy. So you cannot actually buy happiness.

Happiness is just a Choice: You can be happy this moment. Have a smile on your face now and thinking of happy people, your happy moments and happy life. (Don’t just read this, do this small exercise now…). Did you feel happy. Why? It is just a choice that you make. What you want to focus on? You can always crib about things not happening the way you want and at the same time also be happy that many things are happening itself. Which do you think is a better choice?

Have you felt jealous about some people who always tend to be happy? How do they do it? Simple, they know that Happiness is a State of mind and that nothing can buy it and importantly they make a choice to be happy. So BE HAPPY ALWAYS

Difference between the Successful people and others

The difference between successful people and the not so successful people is not their resources or capabilities, but its the mindset that people carry. Success in life is from 2 component, the mechanics of the game and the Mindset. Over the year what has really changed is only the mechanics. Like years back there was no internet, email or mobile phones. But today is there any life without these? But over the last several decades and centuries what has not changed is the mindset.

Here are the differences that I feel in the mindset of Successful and Unsuccessful people.

1. Unsuccessful people lack of Will – Successful people have the will in them to always pursue their goal irrespective of what happens and what setbacks that take place. Its that indomitable will that actually guides them towards the goal on whatever happens and whatever challenges that come their way. People who are not successful are not ready to face the challenges head on.

2. Successful people take responsibility and control their destiny – Successful people do not give any excuses or point fingers to others and they feel that they are in total control of their destiny. They do not want others to control their life especial when the results are not what they want. They take the responsibility and work towards the change.

3. Success is a Must for Successful people – For the unsuccessful people success is just a wish or a want. They do not put themselves on the line while successful people put themselves on the line and make sure that they make success MUST for them. They do not let anything a wish to have, or a like to have but for them its a MUST have.

4. Unsuccessful people get carried away and lose focus – I call these people are opportunity hoppers. They do not focus on the goals and what has to be done for their goals. They get easily distracted and lose their focus. When they lose their focus they do not take action on their goals that they are supposed to and in the process never get to what they want.

5. Focus on the Solutions and not the Challenges – Successful people focus on the solutions and not the challenges and hence there is a lot of positive feel in them. when you focus on the challenges (Problems as many people call them), there is only a negative feeling and hence it drain the resources and the abilities to find solutions.

6. Live disciplined lives and stick to the commitment – Successful people always live disciplined and act with integrity. Come what may they keep up their word and do what they are supposed to do. For them their commitments are more important than anything else and hence they reach their goals easily.

7. Successful people take Failures in their stride – Failures are feedback for them and not a setback. They are capable of handling failures and learn to make the right choices on how to react to the failures than getting bogged down.

8. Successful people invest on themselves – They make personal development a must and are humble and ready to learn from everyone. They don’t feel that they are the best always and are ready to learn. Self development is a priority for them.

If you look at the above 8, it just says that Success is about the Mindset and when you carry the right mindset you too can take your life to the next level. None of the above said has anything to do with the field you are in, or the skills that you posses to be a the best. Its your attitude, your mindset and your ability to feel in control of your life.