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Hi, I am Praveen Sherman, people call me Praveen. I started my new journey of Life a few years ago.

I come from a family which nourished me lots of knowledge, skill and confidence to face the world. I was not a topper in my school nevertheless not a dud either. I did quite well in all aspects of life (I learnt music instruments which I still cherish and follow, learnt martial arts, followed every bit of my favourite sports). Everything took a back seat when it came to my passion. Thats talking… meaning doing speeches, debates, extempores etc. etc. It was fun, exciting and never tiring. Thanks to my Dad, Mom and my Sis. They gave me the right environment.

I was always against paying money for something I am really worth (education especially). So ended up doing my Bachelors in Mathematics and then my Masters in Computers and became an Technology Evangelist, not choosing the usual route of a Software Engineer. I always believed “Do what you are passionate about and the rest will follow”. Was also a Business Analyst for a Multinational Software Company after doing my Masters in Business Management. That was when I was not too happy about what I was doing. Had the money and pride but not the satisfaction.

Thats when met a few guys who had similar thoughts and similar mindset. Started my own company OnlySuccess Learning Technologies, presently the No. 1 Training Company in Asia. Thats when my life changed. There was more meaning to Life, there was more passion, more energy. Its few years since this happened and today when people walk up to me and say “Thanks for changing my life”, its a beautiful experience and just cannot be explained. I really understood the meaning of life. I had to do more and achieve more.

Using the ultimate science of NLP, today I have myself achieved much more than what I thought was possible. I set a Goal for myself to be rated as a top trainer and I achieved to be the Youngest Trainer in Asia on NLP. I have been personally trained and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP. Today I travel across Asia to deliver high result oriented training programs.

My favourite’s include, Presentation & Communication Skills, Accelerated Learning Methods, Sales & Marketing, Personal Effectiveness. I do a lot of Business Consulting, Personal Mentoring, Sports Coaching and many more…

Apart from being a Motivational Trainer I am also a Wealth Mentor and Internet Marketer where I share all secrets of making huge profits online with my program Internet Money MagiX

I have a huge list of favourite. Topping the list always is my cute little nephew. Tejas. He is bright, smart, active… using every positive adjective for him… he gives life to my thoughts and dreams…. Love Music, Listening and playing my synthesizer, infact addicted to music. Love reading Self Help books. Love traveling and meeting new people… Playing Tennis and Snooker. Music Shows are always a treat for me. Meet friends… Love gadgets and technology… play with kids… and lot more…

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Praveen Sherman